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Freelance Teaching Learning and Assessment Consultant

Working Preference

Freelance Teaching, Learning & Assessment Consultant  available for opportunities now – July 2021 onwards

Redditch based looking for £50k+ on the market for opportunities in Education/ Skills/Quality Improvement/Ofsted/Performance Management

Currently responsible for raising standards of achievement; responsible for operational management and internal organisation of faculty; responsible for developing and implementing improvements within teaching, learning and assessment and solely responsible for driving improvements within vocational faculty through bespoke coaching and mentoring of newly qualified staff.  Consulted on improving apprenticeship provisions; worked directly with Managing Director and senior leaders to  and improved curriculum sequencing and raised improvements within teaching, learning and assessment.

Provided strategic direction on the improvements to the teaching, learning and assessment provisions to improve learner experience.  Influenced operational team members to analyse and improve areas of teaching, learning and assessment strategies and activities.

An experienced education specialist with the ability to drive strategic development and improvements of education settings, resulting in increased education quality.  With significant management experience, I can work alongside Principals and senior leadership teams to shape the vision and capabilities of Colleges and Training Provisions.  I demonstrate ambition and professionalism in creating a culture of support and trust; this, coupled with my 13 years’ experience within the education and training sectors, has enabled me to refine my leadership ethos, creating an inspiring culture.  With a strategic mindset, I can drive change and challenge the norm of teaching and learning.


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