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We are shining the spotlight this week onto a senior executive leader whose career spans 15 years across the education and health and wellbeing sector. In their most recent Operations Director role they have successfully, developed, executed, and embedded strategy based on five key areas: Policy and Procedures, Creation and implementation of innovative education programmes across a range of provisions/sectors, training and resource and development of companywide strategies, embedding social value impact across all courses and instilled a high-performance culture within the organisation. Looking for a new Strategic Leadership / Operations Director role £85k+

In their most recent role they provide vision, strategic leadership, management and direction across the organisation. Provide strong and effective commercial and financial leadership and insight, ensuring financial sustainability and outcomes are in-line with budget. Analyse MIS data to mitigate risks to ensure conversant with all funding streams, identify trends and manage accordingly. Lead the directorate in continuous development in the design and implementation of curriculum to meet the needs of OFSTED Education Inspection Framework as well as the local labour market in the communities. Implement high performance environment aligned to company’s culture, values, and behaviours, achieving success through motivating and engaging teams whilst providing an outstanding learning experience. Effectively support the organisation, Senior Leadership Team in preparing, influencing, and achieving delivery of the business plan as well as the company’s mission, vision, values, and key priorities. Develop effective relationships, at all levels across all relevant internal and multi-agency external stakeholders.

Experience of leading in such a vast organisation which has several engagement points, managing a large contingent workforce, it has been pivotal to ensure there is a clear communication plan that reaches beyond the internal workforce. This has largely been supported by galvanising project teams and cascaded information at every level of the organisation, to ensure messaging is clear and there is evident consistency in operations across both organisations.

They pride themselves on being a transparent, proactive leader who can clearly see presenting risks, identifying opportunities and how to effectively manage them. Successfully led through adversity numerous times in a multitude of ways. Led on complex investigations and liaised externally with local authorities, Unions and governing bodies. During OFSTED inspections they have articulated improvement plans and been able to support this with tangible evidence. Unexpected crisis management, when a ‘calm head’ and someone who can think clearly at a period of immense pressure, can be evidenced during the Covid 19 pandemic, when completely unprepared, led the organisation operational plans.

Where my candidate flourishes, is belonging to an organisation, which has genuine integrity driven from the very top. An organisation who has an affection for their ‘people’ which is evident in actions, not just narrative, an organisation who wants to understand where their risks sit and actively supports meaningful change for their staff and learners. Passionate and committed to providing educational programs that support the local need and enhancing the communities that we serve that provides positive impact for all.

Having previously presented top level reporting and data sets at executive level, operations committees, board reporting and OFSTED and governing bodies, they understand the level requirement for a role at a similar level. They would relish the opportunity to further explore their suitability for similar roles within the education sector.

To find out more about my candidate or to arrange an informal confidential chat please call me on 0161 320 3793 / 07866625747 or email [email protected]

To find out more about our exclusive candidate please contact us online, call us on either 0161 320 3793 / 07866625747 or email us directly via [email protected]

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