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Yorkshire based Senior Leader/Director of Quality/Apprenticeships and Inspection Professional

North Yorkshire
Working Preference

🌟 On the market now – Yorkshire’s Exceptional Senior Leader 🌟

📍 Yorkshire based Senior Leader/Director of Quality/Apprenticeships and Inspection Professional

🔍 Looking for a permanent full-time role with national travel

💷 Salary expectations: £70k+

Meet a premier candidate whose vast experience in the vocational education sector sets them apart. A master of adaptation and a voice of reason, they are the epitome of resilience and communication, working seamlessly in any team dynamic.

🚀 In their previous position, this professional significantly uplifted organizational performance following a critical inspection. They effectively led the team to soar to new heights, achieving outstanding Quality Achievement Rates (QAR) for three consecutively stellar academic years.

During their five-year tenure, they effectively managed two Ofsted inspections and earned several distinct honours including the Matrix Standard and the Fair Train Gold accreditation. The candidate’s strategic foresight didn’t just end there, as their efforts steered the organization to be the first training provider featured in the World Skills UK Centre of Excellence Programme—an exceptional feat.

The candidate’s reputation in the sector led to a collaborative role in redeveloping the Matrix Standard which in turn evidences their forward-thinking approach and impactful partnership skills, proving their industry influence by clarifying digital standards alongside paramount regulatory bodies.

🎯 Key Skills and Achievements:

✅ Transformational Leadership

✅ Strategic and Quality Assurance

✅ Prestigious Industry Accreditations

✅ Influential Collaborations

✅ Expertise in Digital Standards

💥 This candidate has shown proven capability in leading quality transformations and possesses the expertise you need to take your operations to the next level. They exemplify natural leadership, strategic vision, and the rare ability to generate tangible results.

Don’t miss out on the chance to discuss how this top-tier professional could contribute to your organization’s success. Reach out, explore synergies, and potentially welcome a game-changer onto your team.

👉 Get in touch or visit to find out more about this outstanding opportunity.

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To find out more about our exclusive candidate please contact us online, call us on either 0161 320 3793 / 07866625747 or email us directly via [email protected]

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