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Head of Business Operations and Performance

Working Preference

Exciting Opportunity 🌟

Meet our exceptional Head of Business Operations and Performance, Head of Apprenticeships, and Programme Delivery Manager hailing from Cheshire and open to roles nationally. With over 20 years of rich experience in managing operations, account management, Teaching and assessing within Apprenticeships, funded learning and Training sectors, this talented professional is seeking a new role starting at £35k+. Available immediately, they are open to permanent, interim, part time or Fixed Term Contract positions.

🏆 Key Achievements and Strengths 🏆

In the last year alone, this candidate spearheaded a remarkable journey, elevating annual turnover from £1.5m to a staggering £2.9m. They crafted and trained a high-performing Sales IAG Team, showcasing adept recruitment and leadership skills.

Their expertise spans across apprenticeships, bootcamps, FE/HE education, teaching, training, and quality delivery. Noteworthy achievements include securing satisfactory results in ESFA audits, Leading good OFSTED inspections, and heading a vocational provision recognised runner-up for Construction Training Provider of the Year.

In previous years, this candidate has demonstrated their teaching and mentoring skills, guiding team leaders and strategic manager apprentices to distinction. In 20 19 this candidate supported a learner to receive a silver medal accolade in Pearsons Business Admin apprentice award category.

⭐ Key Highlights ⭐

With a laser focus on contract targets, quality and compliance, this candidate excels in driving revenue, developing relationships with new stakeholders, improving curriculum standards, awarding body verification management, and timely delivery of learner caseloads. They bring valuable insights on funding streams, Education Inspection Framework, Safeguarding, and Prevent practices.

In the realm of management, they excel at both strategic and operational levels. Their knack for talent management, team building, and OFSTED/ESFA team preparation sets them apart as a versatile leader who thrives on challenges.

In the role of tutor, trainer assessor, this person has a natural ability to support, mentor and coach individuals and groups in Leadership and management, business admin, customer service and hospitality to help prepare a range of ages and abilities for the world of work and higher qualifications.

📞 Get in Touch 📞

For further details on this exceptional candidate, reach out to me at 0161 320 3793 / 07866625747 or email [email protected]. Explore the possibilities with this talented individual in roles such as #HeadOfApprenticeships #BusinessDevelopment #EPA #Operations #PerformanceManager. What opportunities do you have on your team ?

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To find out more about our exclusive candidate please contact us online, call us on either 0161 320 3793 / 07866625747 or email us directly via [email protected]

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