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  • Business Operations Manager

    Feb 2024 I needed assistance with recruiting an operational manager for our Staybridge based legal service business. Like many in recent years we have found recruitment challenging and I wanted professional help. I contacted a couple of Manchester recruitment firms they did not even bother to call me back. I looked local, found Tina and spoke to her. She was very quickly visiting the office and established a very impressive understanding of what we do and the skills needed for the vacant role. She handled the search and the candidates we met were a match for our needs and we were able to recruit. Tina tells me that legal services is not usually her sector you would not know, she is very good at her job and has been a pleasure to work with taking the strain of recruitment away from us. We will use her again and I recommend you speak to her for help with your key vacancies.  Fiona

  • ESOL Tutor

    I had the pleasure of working with Tina during my recent job application. Tina’s proactive approach, attention to detail and dedication was next level! From preparing me for the interview to providing valuable insights about the company culture, and ensuring everything was as smooth as could be. She really went out of her way and thanks to her amazing coaching I secured the job and couldn’t be happier!

    I would highly recommend Tina Lacey’s recruitment company and am delighted I came across such a lovely person 👍

  • Employment and Skills Trainer

    October 2023 I highly recommend Tina Lacey, professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

    Tina contacted me regarding a new role at Reed in Partnership, Tina went above and beyond to help me successfully secure the role. Even being on holiday Tina kept in contact, providing support and guidance to help with prep for the interview, helping taking time to add that personal touch and put me at ease, ensuring that I was ready and willing to help at any stage, wishing me luck before the interview (it is touches like that that put Tina Lacey Recruitment far above any others). kept me posted with each development as it went on.

    Many many Thanks for everything, she really is amazing –  Adrian

  • Employment Adviser

    October 2023 I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the invaluable support and guidance you provided during my job search. Your expertise and dedication truly made a significant impact on my professional journey. Thanks to your diligent efforts, I have now secured a position that aligns perfectly with my skills and aspirations. I am deeply appreciative of the time and resources you invested in helping me gain employment. Please accept my sincere thanks for your exceptional assistance.

    Warm regards, Dax

  • Employment Adviser

    November 2023 Highly recommend Tina. Tina is extremely professional and understanding. She was able and willing to explain the whole process to me and answered any enquiries that I had.
    Additionally, the advice and guidance between both the role play and interview prep were very insightful and help tremendously.  Kieran

  • Customer Support Consultant

    November 2023 Tina invested lots of time and effort into preparing me for interviews, and helping me to understand the role and the people I’d be working with as well as I could. The level of support and motivation I received went a long way towards landing me the job of my dreams, and I could not have done it without her. If you have Tina in your corner going into an interview, I guarantee you will do well!  Nate

  • Training Course Manager

    September 2023 Placed in my current rule at Salford Professional Development by Tina. She was amazing throughout the recruitment process!
    Tina was willing to go above and beyond in the support she offered. She was always available to give updates or jump on a call to answer any questions.
    Tina was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive and I can’t recommend her service highly enough.  Ben

  • Community Development Consultant

    October 2023   Tina contacted me about a new role for a charity and she walked me through each stage of the hiring process in a professional and supportive way. On boarded and working which was a concern after a few weeks of searching after my last role ended. Great to be working again. Than you for all your efforts Tina.  Darren

  • Maths and English Skills Tutor

    October 2023 Highly recommend Tina. Tina is very knowledgeable and passionate about her job. She delivered an excellent service and went out of her way to keep me posted. She is amazing!  Mina

  • Employment Adviser

    Employment Adviser Yorkshire July 2023 Tina was great in her support throughout the application and interview process, providing updates at every stage of the way and going above and beyond in her preparation support.  Would 100% using her services to help find work.  Arsalan

  • Functional Skills Tutor

    July 2023 Fantastic recruitment service!
    Personable, Knowledgeable, Professional with Excellent updates and Communication and a real feel of wanting to help!
    If you are looking for a tailored recruitment service then Tina is your go to! Tina takes the time to get to know you, understands your needs and opens doors to specific roles you are looking for. Tina even offered help with tailoring CV for specific roles and pre interview preparation sessions, amazing!
    Highly recommended to individuals and companies alike  Thank you for all your help   Kind Regards   Adam

  • Executive Education Consultant

    June 2023 Executive Education Consultant – Manchester    Tina, well what can I say… Tina matched me with my perfect role. I spoke with her initially when my world was about to be turned on it’s head. Then a second time when it was like the world had fallen down around me. She went above and beyond to ensure I secured my perfect job!  Khrystina

  • Employment Adviser

    Employment Adviser Halifax July 2023 Tina was unbelievable and a pleasure to have been involved with, It is difficult to put into words as to how grateful I am for her support, I can not thank her enough. Thank you for everything you did for me and all the best for the future.  I Would 100% use her services again and also refer to friends and colleagues

  • Employment Adviser

    Employment Adviser West Yorkshire  July 2023 If there was someone made for recruitment support then that would be Tina. Going above and beyond is an absolute understatement. One of the warmest and friendliest people I’ve ever come across. An absolute great support at every step of the way. Thank you so much for your help Tina ❤️  Amar

  • ESOL Learner Coach

    April 2023 Manchester – I am delighted to write a fabulous review for the number 1 recruiter, Tina Lacey. She was super friendly and helpful. She was super supportive and very professional. She went through all the small details and steps from scratch to my job offer today. I love the fact that she kept me well informed with everything and making the whole process very transparent. She was very knowledgeable and inspiring. Thank you so much, Tina –  Anika

  • Leadership and Management Tutor

    April 2023 Tina was very friendly and supportive right from the very first contact, finding out all about me and my skills and linking them to the role I was interested in. Tina’s knowledge and all the information she shared about the company and role showed her dedication and commitment to finding the right candidate. Tina kept in contact with me throughout every stage in the recruitment process and offered words of encouragement and support when needed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tina, she is a brilliant recruiter! Thank you so much Tina!!  Laura

  • Technical IT Instructor

    I am delighted to write a glowing review for recruiter Tina Lacey. I recently had the pleasure of working with Tina in my search for some new job opportunities. It took Tina a day to find me the perfect match. She is one of the most dedicated and professional recruiters I have ever encountered. Her attention to detail is fantastic.
    Throughout the process, Tina kept me informed every step of the way and provided valuable feedback that helped me through my interview process. She was always available to answer my questions and address any concerns I had, and her positive attitude and enthusiasm is infectious.
    Thanks to Tina’s hard work and dedication, I was able to secure an amazing job that was a perfect match for my skills and career goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new beginning.  Luke

  • Executive Education Consultant

    Feb 2023 Tina helped me to find my job with SPD Ltd. Tina was fantastic from start to finish by keeping me informed of all opportunities and helping me to decide which roles would be best suited to me.Throughout the whole process Tina provided constant encouragement and support and would always go out of her way to help. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Tina in helping anybody find their next job!  Shaun

  • Executive Education Consultant

    Feb 2023 I can honestly say I have never met anyone as helpful as Tina. From the moment I got in touch with her she has been amazing from start to finish, from calling me in the evening to fit around me to the amazing help she gave me with my CV, I could tell she really cared about my journey especially through the interview stage with the interview prep and helped massively calm my nerves. She was the first person I called once I left the interview and straight away I felt at ease. I got the job and Tina was the one to call and tell me which was so lovely. The whole process has been so smooth and quick and really enjoyable! HIGHLY recommend you get in touch with Tina if you are thinking of a career change! She is AMAZING!!!  Katie

  • Warehouse Skills Tutor

    Feb 2023  An absolutely top agency to deal with , throughout the process Tina was professional in every respect, going above and beyond to coach and keep me informed. I would recommend and fully endorse Tina Lacey Recruitment to work both for you and with you.  Michael

  • Branch Manager

    Feb 2023 Well well well. What can I say! Being in the industry myself for 18 years you do have high expectations when using a fellow recruiter. I must say Tina has surpassed all of those with flying colours and with bells and whistles thrown in too.

    Personable, informed, professional… I could go on. Credit to the industry. Thank you for all of your support.

    Clients – you won’t regret using Tina.

    Candidates – this is who you want on your team when looking for a new job.

    Highly recommended.


  • Management Information Systems Officer

    Tina is without a doubt the most experienced and knowledgeable recruitment consultant. Her dedication to helping me was first class. Tina’s understanding of her clients showed in her work and I’m glad I was under her wing. Tina checked in with me constantly and put in time and dedication to understand me, my skills and knowledge. A first-class experience and over the moon in securing my new role. Thank you Tina!

  • Customer Support Consultant

    November 2022 Getting a new job is extremely daunting and often I’ve felt a bit helpless and unsupported with recruiters. Not with Tina!

    I cannot express fully how much of a pleasure it was having her with me every step of the way. Her level of attentiveness and genuine care she shows towards you made me feel so at ease to the point it was like I was chatting to an old friend who happens to successfully be getting me a job. Personally I was very directionless when looking for job positions as I am breaking out into something new with no idea what new was. After simply one phone call she gathered my strengths and went through my applicable skills next thing I knew I was attending the interview of my new role.

    I’ll be passing along the contact information to anyone I meet looking for something new. I’d give 100 stars if I could


  • Business Development Manager

    November 2022 Tina was exceptional in helping me in every step of the way of the recruitment process. I’ve never had such a hands on and informative experience with any recruitment agency in the past! It was a pleasure dealing with Tina Lacey recruitment and I’d happily recommend Tina as a recruitment agent to anyone  Craig.

  • Learner Coach – Work Life and Skills

    November 2022 Tina was amazing from the moment I submitted my application, and still is, beyond successful negotiation of my terms. She fills you with confidence and places real value on your individual skills. Thanks Tina you’re a skilled professional in what you do. You’ve truly been brilliant!

  • Forum Manager

    November 2022 From the very first point of contact, Tina was compassionate, enthusiastic and motivating in her approach – I was supported throughout the process at every stage with words of encouragement, confidence building and a real sense of having someone there for you during the recruitment process.
    I thoroughly recommend Tina, you will not regret it as her enthusiasm and personality shines through and ultimately has helped me achieve my career goal – Thank you Tina forever grateful !

  • Work Experience Officer

    November 2022 Where do I start with a review for Tina and her amazing qualities?
    Right from the start, she was so lovely and welcoming. She made me feel comfortable and like nothing was of any trouble for her. She is excellent at her role, she goes above and beyond and her knowledge and expertise is fantastic. She gave me everything I needed in information and support to help me get my new job. She was with me every step of the way and more! She always checks in with you, makes sure you are fully ready for your interview, answers any questions, gets straight to work and always delivers! Her attention to details in the things she does is amazing. You feel like you’ve known Tina for ages! I’m very grateful for having Tina by my side. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done Tina. – Stacey

  • Customer Support Team Manager – Employer Review

    October 2022 I have worked with Tina on filling a number of vacancies on my team over the last 18 months or so. Tina is a pleasure to work with and provides the personal touch for both recruiters and candidates, providing regular updates and insight on the candidates she puts forward. She is professional, pleasant and incredibly knowledgeable. I recommend Tina to anybody looking to fill a position within the employability/skills sector.  Lloyd – Cognisoft

  • Learner Coach Work Life and Skills

    September 2022 Tina has been amazing since our first initial email communication, she is professional and passionate about helping the right people into the right roles!
    Tina has been there every step of the way and got me a job within record time!! Her people skills are excellent and everything has gone smoothly in order me to start my new role straight away. Tina is supportive and brilliant at what she does. I absolutely recommend Tina Lacey Recruitment for anyone looking for a new role and will always be grateful to her for finding me my perfect role!  Carly

  • Head of Apprenticeship Quality and Service Excellence at Firebrand Training

    This is my second recommendation for Tina but my first for Tina Lacey Recruitment. I have worked with Tina now across various recruitment projects over the last 6 years. Tina always focusses on the detail and ensures that the candidates presented to an employer not only meet the role criteria and respective expectations but regularly exceeds them. The personal touch is what stands out, Tina goes the extra mile to not only ensure that the candidates are well prepared and able to present themselves confidently and professionally but she also coaches and motivates them too. How do I know this? Because recently I enlisted the support of Tina to help me find my next career move knowing what she is capable of, knowing her excellent track record and knowing her demonstrable pursuit of the perfect person for the perfect role. Thanks to Tina I am about to embark on an exciting next chapter in my career, and I know I couldn’t have done it without her. Shaun

    March 2021 – I’m sure we need a fanfare or jingle to audibly celebrate when Tina Lacey places another outstanding candidate for us.  APlayers   Shaun

  • Digital Skills Coach

    August 2022  I have been highly impressed with Tina’s professionalism and dedication to support me throughout the recruitment process.  Never tired of going the extra mile, and ever so experienced and knowledgeable.  Tina proved to be an amazing mentor as well.  I highly recommend Tina and words are not enough to express my gratitude for her help in securing a role that I have been craving for. Tina has proved to be setting a landmark for the modern day recruitment industry – Laura

  • Functional Skills Tutor

    August 2022 Working with Tina Lacey Recruitment has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. From my initial communication with Tina, as she contacted me by phone to offer job roles for my consideration, she has been warm, helpful and enthusiastic. From there, we met remotely on Microsoft Teams and discussed the role in question in detail. Tina was encouraging, knowledgeable and supportive. We ran through my micro-teach for the interview a few days before, to which she gave helpful feedback and support. Since my successful interview, Tina has kept in close touch and been extremely helpful in offering advice in the lead up to starting my new job.  I have worked with other recruitment firms in the past, but have not received the level of hands-on, personable and professional support as I have with Tina. Many thanks for everything!   Mark

  • Functional Skills Tutor

    Aug 2022 Tina really knows her job, I cannot recommend her highly enough. She had taken time to learn about the needs and requirements of the employer before trying to place candidates with them. Following my application, Tina then took the time to get to know me, in order to ensure that I would be a good fit for the employer. From the outset Tina was proactive, available, and took an interest in every step of the interview and onboarding process. Tina remains professional, whilst building strong working relationships with the candidates she places. Applying for a new role can seem difficult and daunting. Dispel any doubts you may have, make an application to Tina Lacey Recruitment as soon as she advertises a role which suits your qualifications and experience. Tina has made the process so easy and user-friendly, I cannot thank her enough. As I eluded to in the first line of this review; I would recommend Tina to anyone. In fact, I will be recommending her to everyone! E

  • Functional Skills Tutor – Maths

    Aug 2022 NorthWest Tina is without doubt the most supportive recruiter I’ve ever worked with. She is there with you every step of the journey (even when she is on the beach!). A pleasure to recommend. Joe

  • Functional Skills Tutor

    Aug 2022 I’ve never experienced being led through the recruitment process in the same way Tina does. She is very friendly, knowledgeable and is completely committed to getting you the role you want. From her initial contact right through to the hiring process, she is there for you and, as such, gains your trust with ease.  Sarah P

  • Functional Skills Tutor

    July 2022 Tina really knows her job, I cannot recommend her highly enough.
    She had taken time to learn about the needs and requirements of the employer before trying to place candidates with them.
    Following my application, Tina then took the time to get to know me, in order to ensure that I would be a good fit for the employer.
    From the outset Tina was proactive, available, and took an interest in every step of the interview and onboarding process. Tina remains professional, whilst building strong working relationships with the candidates she places.

    Applying for a new role can seem difficult and daunting. Dispel any doubts you may have, make an application to Tina Lacey Recruitment as soon as she advertises a role which suits your qualifications and experience. Tina has made the process so easy and user-friendly, I cannot thank her enough.

    As I eluded to in the first line of this review; I would recommend Tina to anyone. In fact, I will be recommending her to everyone!

  • Sales Co-Ordinator

    July 2022  I was first contacted by Tina around 4 weeks ago.  Straight from the get go, she made me feel welcome, valued and like I had great potential.  Tina is not your average recruiter.  She goes above and beyond to create a relationship with you and continues to do so throughout your journey into employment.  Honestly, I cant thank Tina enough.  I am so grateful for the opportunity you have led me to and I genuinely will keep in touch as you hare such a lovely lady.   I couldn’t recommend you enough to anyone.  If I could give you 10 stars, I would still want to give you more.  Thank you on all levels, you are a real diamond.

  • IQA

    July 2022 Tina is an inspirational soul with the drive and commitment to help and support others like no one I have ever met.
    The passion that Tina has is infectious, and it inspired me more in the hope I didn’t let her down.
    From the initial contact with Tina, right through to securing employment, her communication has been faultless even going the exta mile, and more to maintain contact during her holiday in Ibiza!
    I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to have crossed paths with Tina, and would recommend her to any individual looking for employment or an employee.
    Specialist Recruiter, Very Special Lady.
    Thank you so much Tina, you really are a star 🌟

  • Gareth Lindsay, Managing Director, North Lancs Training Group

    Tina has been working with us at NLTG on our staff recruitment since 2008, helping us to recruit many high-quality team members. Tina has taken the time to get to know all areas of our business, including our culture, which enables her to successfully match candidates, not just in terms of their ability, but also by whether the candidate and NLTG are a “good fit”. Tina visits us at NLTG regularly to ensure she is up to date with our requirements and company developments and has spent time with all our management team over the years, creating good working relationships with them all. By meeting all candidates in advance of suggesting them to NLTG, she ensures that she can supply us with a detailed summary of anyone she puts forward for interview in addition to just a CV. The personal touch is Tina’s strength. Whilst working with her, you always feel that you are her number one priority, hence why we have worked with her for so long. Our management team now think of Tina as part of our team when it comes to recruitment. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tina Lacey Recruitment for staff recruitment solutions.

  • Director of Apprenticeships

    June 2022 Tina has supported me transitioning through redundancy into a new role with BIT Group, and what a support she has been!

    While working with Tina, she took the time to understand me as an individual and really drill into my skills and experience. Tina works by understanding her candidates personally and then matching them to strong opportunities in their space. One of the highlights for me was the time she spent developing a personal profile that she was then able to use to showcase my skills to the sector – this lead directly to the new role I have accepted.

    For Tina, there is no such thing as a dumb question and she always communicated quickly, professionally and with a great deal of reassurance – even when I contacted her while on holiday abroad. My experience is that it is unusual to work with recruiters who show this level of customer service which was greatly appreciated.

    I can only say my experience with Tina has been exemplary and I will be happy to work with her again in the future – hopefully when sourcing new recruits next time.


    August 2022 – After my desperate plea for geek stickers for my laptop I was surprised to find a package arrive today from the awesome Tina Lacey MIEP of Tina Lacey recruitment.
    The bundle of geek stickers was amazing, I just need to use them before my 4 year old daughter gets hold of them!
    If you are in the Training Provider/Further Education space, Tina is awesome, definitely looking after and remembering her clients. If you are looking for a move or looking for a new members of your team, Tina is one of the best, thank you. 😎

    #education # #recruitment # #thankyou #geekswag


  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional Instructor SME (CISSP)

    Tina Lacey Recruitment –  As a potential applicant – probably one of hundreds – to an advertised job, I didn’t anticipate much in the way of customer service from a recruitment agent. Nothing could be further from the truth with Tina Lacey.

    Right from the get-go, I was in the hands of a skilful negotiator, who invested considerable time and effort into providing a completely bespoke service. Tina made sure that I was ready and able to respond positively to every interview I was asked to attend.  If you need someone to identify your strengths, build confidence and pave the way to success, this recruitment agency is the way to go.

    If we are what we repeatedly do, then excellence is a habit for Tina.

    Tina’s ability to identify the best approach and vicariously share the journey, is what sets her apart in my books.  It’s that unique blend of professionalism and empathy that makes her services award winning.  By helping me to get the job I’ve always wanted, Tina successfully facilitated a better future for both myself and my family.


  • Delegate Acquisition Manager – Manchester

    May 2022

    Tina has been a pleasure to work with , prepping my through the interview stage to then keeping in touch congratulating me once I received an offer.

    Been a great experience working with her!

  • Digital Skills Coach – NorthWest

    May 2022 Tina was excellent helping me secure work. She contacted me regularly throughout the process via text, phone call & teams. Tina was excellent with liaising with the employer and setting up the interview process.  Can’t recommend Tina enough.

  • Sales Executive – Conference Sponsorships Manchester

    May 2022 I initially spoke to Tina about other employment opportunities she was advertising, but it was clear I wasn’t the right fit for those roles. Tina looked at my CV and identified that I had transferable skills that better suited another role. I was interviewed, was successful and was offered the job. Tina is down to earth, chatty and fun to talk to, but her key attributes are she’s an expert in her field, professional and genuinely wants to help people find employment that best suits them and their circumstances. Thanks very much Tina.

  • Functional Skills Tutor London

    May 2022 I would like to recommend Tina Lacey’s agency to anyone looking for a job. Tina has been incredibly helpful, encouraging and supportive. Her approach was so much different from my experience with any other agency. Her personal involvement, charisma and efficiency gave me the confidence I needed to get the job I wanted.
    Thank you Tina! You have been great!

  • Employment Adviser Derby

    May 2022 Tina was very professional, thorough and above all very helpful from me applying for my job, interview techniques and keeping in touch and informed every step of the process. With Tina’s help, one to one coaching and expertise, I felt confident and relaxed when I attended my interview and I can honestly say because of Tina I got the Job! Thank you so much!

  • Maths and English Learning Support Coach

    March 2022 After facing redundancy recently and an uncertain future, I was delighted to be introduced to Tina Lacey Recruitment, as within a short time period I was rest assured that I would secure another position in the skills training sector and thanks to Tina I did.

    Tina was very professional and communicative throughout. She  was encouraging and really helpful. I felt fully prepared throughout the process and I would not hesitate in recommending Tina Lacey. Thanks for all your help, support and guidance. Best wishes. Paul

  • Employment Support Coach (Green Agenda)

    Feb 2022 Tina “does exactly what it says on the tin”
    Tina is very good at what she does, communicates throughout the process so you’re never left wondering where you’re up to and she does it with style and passion, thanks Tina, really couldn’t have done it without you, all the best and wishing you continued success  Maxine

  • CYP Early Years Learning and Development Practitioner

    Jan 2022 I was made aware of Tina through a colleague whom Tina had also been supporting to gain new employment so decided to contact Tina myself. In our first interaction, it was clear to see how passionate Tina was in her role and supporting me to progress in my career. Tina was very warm and welcoming; she made me feel at ease… I felt like I’d known her years instead of hours!! Tina matched me to a suitable candidate and kept in touch with me throughout… she even rearranged my interview when I was ill! I have had such a wonderful experience with Tina and was successful in gaining employment and was very surprised and appreciative of the extra measures Tina went through after I secured employment.. the congratulations card was a very kind gesture! Tina has continued to keep in contact with me as I am going through the process of pre-employment checks which is another added touch. I can’t speak highly enough of the wonderful work she does, it is evident she is passionate and committed in finding the right role for the right person and vice versa. Thanks Tina 😊  Ana

  • Executive Education Consultant

    Jan 2022 Many thanks Tina, you have just been incredible.  The support and help you have offered me has been beyond compare !!   Carolyn

  • Employment Support Project Manager (Green Agenda)

    Jan 2022 In my recent search for a new position I contacted Tina Lacey. I was highly delighted with the speed, efficiency, enthusiasm & the overall friendly approach by Tina in supporting me to obtain an interview & securing an amazing role… all in less that 3 days!!. I have found the whole experience enjoyable, focused & efficient. I would highly recommend Tina Lacey Recruitment.  Jeff


  • Health and WellBeing Adviser

    Nov 2020 Excellent service from Tina both professionally as a liaison with my prospective employers and with myself throughout. She was a great moral boosting support during the interview stage and helped to ensure I was fully aware of the whole process. Always on hand and nothing was too much trouble – I can’t thank her enough. 😉  Ashleigh

  • Employment and Skills Trainer

    Tina was extremely supportive throughout my interview process, she provided the relevant mentoring and preparation needed to successfully complete both interviews.
    Tina is friendly and approachable yet very professional and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend working with her if you are seeking career opportunities. Employment and Skills Trainer Derby November 2021

  • Young Persons Engagement and Progression Coach

    I came across one of Tina’s advertised jobs and called her to enquire about it. From that first call onwards Tina was extremely helpful, attentive and invested in my development and preparation for application. It was an incredible confidence boost to have Tina in my corner, supporting me throughout the whole process from application to interview. I can only describe the whole experience as first class, every step of the process was done quickly with care, accuracy and thought. Tina takes the time to listen, and was always available to answer any queries I had. Tina makes applying for jobs exciting, she adds her own personal touch throughout the journey, and is incredibly thoughtful and professional throughout. I will, without doubt, be returning to Tina Lacey Recruitment when looking for my next job opportunity.  Housing Association –  Sarah  October 2021

  • Sales Executive

    Tina has been an absolute pleasure to work with in helping me find a new position at Salford Professional Development. Tina’s recruitment company is by far the the best recruitment company I have ever dealt with. Tina is a true professional and nothing is too much trouble and she is always happy to go the extra mile for her clients to provide a second to none service from start to finish. She is also an amazing person, so friendly and bubbly – what else can I say! I would highly recommend Tina Lacey Recruitment to any businesses looking to use a professional recruitment company to find new staff and any person who is seeking a new position – you will not be disappointed. Thank you for everything Tina, you are the best.  Chris October 2021

  • Management Trainer Coach

    Tina has restored my faith in the recruitment industry, even when she has been on holiday the other side of the world, Tina has supported me in every aspect of seeking new employment. if every recruiter spent the time like Tina does, getting to know you as an individual and not just a number or pound signs flashing in front of you, I really do believe employees would stay in their roles much longer because it’s a good fit for all parties concerned. over the years I have had dealings with countless recruiters, both personally and when I’ve been seeking new staff members in my team, Tina is miles ahead of the rest. well done Tina, you are a true credit to the industry  Jamie Sept 2021

  • Senior Business Development Manager

     I cannot recommend Tina highly enough! I’ve worked with many recruiters in the past where you are just another number however Tina supported me through the whole process and was always on hand should I need anything! With her support I’ve now landed a new role and am eager to start! Keep up the great work! Kyle  Sept 2021

  • Work Coach

    I thought you were amazing in motivating me and making me believe in myself.  The hand holding really helps, from someone who was very new to being unemployed, you really helped me with my confidence – Pauline

  • Technical IT Trainer

    Throughout life you may meet people who break the mould, special people, gifted, naturally talented people who believe in you!, who want the best for you! and who’s dedication, drive and experience is there for all to see. Tina against the odds helped me land my dream job. When my confidence was low she was there to lift me up when nerves set in she was there to calm me down. I honestly cannot thank this amazing woman enough for everything she has done for me. I would recommend Tina Lacey Recruitment not only to employers to find the perfect fit for your business but to job seekers also!    Thanks again T!

  • Freight Forwarding Trainer Assessor

    From a personal point of view Tina has been and continues to be extremely professional in her work and her organisation. Tina creates excellent working relationships and has a wealth of industry knowledge which helped my case. Not only was Tina very understanding of my situation, very professional and flexible she has a very happy and positive persona. I have no hesitation in recommending Tina Lacey Recruitment to those organisations searching for a suitable individual to enhance their business. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my experience with Tina Lacey Recruitment and wish the business continued success.

  • Project Management Programme Lead

    Someone recommended Tina to me when I wasn’t sure what my next career move would be and I am happy I listened. Tina is not your average email recruiter, she listens and listens before she speaks, takes her time with you, meets you and follows up every step of the recruitment process. She matched me with an amazing employer with a job role and environment that I thought was maybe too demanding from my end. Match made, in the job now and ready to recommend her personalised professional service to anyone who is looking for a change.

  • ESOL Tutor

    ‘I came across Tina online when looking for my next post.  I can not recommend her services too highly!  The moment I spoke to Tina I was impressed by her personal interest and positivity in the initial call.  At every stage I felt that Tina was genuinely committed to getting me the job I wanted and it felt like a team effort.  I have never had such a positive experience from a recruitment consultant.  Tina is in a league of her own and I felt I had made a friend in the recruitment process. No detail was too much trouble.   She kept me informed and was always ready to deal efficiently and quickly with any question that I had throughout the process.   As far as I am concerned meeting Tina was a God-send. I have already recommended her to my friends and will continue to do so.’

  • Programme Lead in AAT and Finance

    Tina was fantastic in the recruitment process for me to join Intraining. From the very beginning, she was extremely professional in every aspect. Tina contacted me within two hours of me first requesting information about the role and arranged an interview with the company just two days later. She obviously understands the needs of her clients very well and worked with me to ensure that I was the right person for the job. Tina even took the time to meet me on the day of my interview to give me support and guidance. She has been in regular contact with me to ensure everything is going well and to offer further support when needed. I am confident that I have secured a great job with a fantastic company and it is all due to Tina’s expertise. Very highly recommended.  Ian

  • Subject Matter Expert – Data Analysis/Big Data

    I would recommend Tina to anyone looking to move roles or for a new challenge. I’ve had many poor experiences with recruiters that treat you like a number and often never get back to you with any type of feedback. Tina offered exactly what I needed which was a personalised face to face process where Tina filled me with the confidence and knowledge I needed to succeed at interview. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Tina to anyone looking for a high quality recruitment agent.   Sean

  • Learner Services Co-Ordinator

    Tina Lacey recruitment provided a seamless candidate experience. Showing insight, professionalism and warmth from the outset. I would like to thank Tina for her support and would highly recommend the company to any client or candidate looking for recruitment services.  Joanne

  • Team Leading and Management Coach

    Tina has been amazing throughout my recruitment journey! She contacted me swiftly after application and was extremely friendly, chatty and put me at ease straight away. She kept in touch daily, updating me with information about the company, and checking I was ready for interview. Once I had secured the role the contact and support didn’t stop, she kept in touch every few days just to touch base. A more personalised service than most recruitment companies but ever the professional too. Would definitely recommend!  Jan 2020

  • IT Lecturer

    Tina is whole-heartedly the best recruiter I’ve come across. Takes a real interest in the candidate and is brilliant at supporting you on your journey throughout. Tina will take the time to make sure you are ready and provides you with more than you will ever need for each role. Never leaves you hanging and wondering what the score is with your current stage – which seems to be a common thing across recruitment. Tina is fantastic at keeping the candidate up to date and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again, absolutely fantastic connection 😀 Thank you Tina.  Jan 2020

  • Employment Adviser

    ‘Tina is fab. Having had experience of Recruitment from both sides of the table, more recently as a candidate I can highly recommend Tina’s service. Right from the start she was positive, encouraging and supportive; she really did have my back the whole way through the process.
    The recent lock down delayed my start date by 3 months but Tina was consistently at the end of the phone. She kept me updated and reassured and was as excited as me when we finally got the start date. She’s great, really – as a candidate I can’t thank her enough’ Clare July 2020

  • Employment and Skills Trainer Bradford

     Within a few hours of applying for the role Tina made contact, arranged a screening call and set up a first interview directly with the employer – and this all on a Friday afternoon! Prior to initial interview Tina provided coaching on the format of the interview via zoom and supplied additional information to aid preparation. Feedback was swift and further support delivered prior to final Interview. Interview outcome was delivered by Tina the same day. Total time from Job application to Job offer – 13 days! At a time when applicants are being frequently ignored by recruiters or left dangling by employers, Tina is providing an exceptional level of customer service, which continued up to and beyond start date. Tina is a pleasure to deal with – positive, supportive and delivers what she promises. Thank you Tina!  Theresa Dec 2020

  • MIS Administrator

    ‘Tina has been extremely helpful and supportive in helping me find and obtain employment. As soon as I had uploaded my CV I was contacted straight away and by the end of the day I was offered a job interview.  Tina provided interview advice and was supportive and positive.  I was fortunate enough to be offered the role and I am so grateful for the support I received during these turbulent times. Thank you. Sue E’ Feb 2021

  • Study Programme Traineeship Tutor

    Tina is absolutely amazing!! First class!! From start to finish she supported me all the way through the recruitment process. Tina’s fantastic MOTTO is – Work done fun gets the job done and this is exactly what we did on our telephone and zoom meeting calls, we had lots of laughs!! We worked well together, from the first phone call on a Friday afternoon, straight through to the following Friday morning when I was celebrating my new job offer! (within just 1 week, Wow!) Tina is professional, friendly and fun to work with. Communication was always prompt and she always went above and beyond to support my every need. I can’t thank you enough, I highly recommend Tina. The lovely congratulations card and gift was so unexpected and a lovely touch! Tina is a fabulous, genuine lady who cares about finding the correct candidate for the correct job role! Thank you, Tina, I can’t wait to start my new job role!

    Carla Quinton 11/08/21

  • Employment Adviser

    Honestly, this lady is absolutely wonderful and I cannot recommend her enough! She has genuinely been my go to throughout my whole process of getting back into work and she has always been at the end of the phone as and when I have needed her (which has been quite often, literally!). She is a compassionate person and I promise you.. she loves to help/see you succeed! Finding a job can be daunting (from experience), and I have had my fair share of experiences with recruiters, but honestly.. nothing compares. It has been a pretty rough year and thanks to Tina’s continued help and support, I am ending 2020 with not just any job, but a job that I wanted and the biggest smile! So Tina, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING AWESOME  Chelsea November 2020

  • Recruitment and HR Lead at SR Apprenticeships

    Tina is an expert in recruiting within the skills & welfare industry! Her knowledge is excellent and therefore is my first port of call for support. Tina is friendly, accommodating and professional at all times. I would recommend Tina to any business or individual in need of support with recruitment. Grace Nov 2020

  • Traineeship Tutor – Employability

    From our first phone call, Tina has been incredible! Even after a little self doubt and wobble, Tina showed amazing positivity and always kept me informed.. through her preparation and advice, I have secured a new position and I’ll be forever thankful to Tina for this! Such a genuine and friendly person who really cares about finding you the right job for the right company! Thank you so much Tina 🙂  Doncaster/Sheffield Feb 2021

  • Employment Adviser

    Employment Adviser Newry March 2021 Tina is absolutely wonderful to work with. She is so full of positivity and motivation, even from our very first conversation. No matter what worries or questions I had throughout the process, she was always at the end of the phone to help and support me, even during technical issues at midnight! Tina’s enthusiasm helped drive me to try my very best and her advice is invaluable! I would 100% recommend working with Tina and I am so thankful for her help and support. Newry March 2021

Based on 38 reviews
Aimee Smith
Aimee Smith
Tina was amazing from start to finish! She got to know me personally and made the whole process so much easier. Tina was so supportive and available for help anytime. I have never walked into an interview so full of confidence and like I was fully ready and prepared, and had lots of information about the company from her personally and not from just reading about it online. I highly recommend Tina to anyone, her communication was amazing and continues to be even after I have successfully got the role. Cannot thank her enough!
Jleigh Coops
Jleigh Coops
Tina has been so friendly, helpful and supportive through the entire recruitment process. Without her insight and confidence building I wouldn’t have been able to secure the role that I have now been successful in obtaining. Her guidance has been pivotal in starting my new career. I strongly recommend her services.
Aimee Thomson
Aimee Thomson
I applied for a role online and Tina was in touch with me the same night arranging a phone call for the next day. Since then she has given up lots of her time including evenings and weekends to support me. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you!
JULIE Plumridge
JULIE Plumridge
I have recieved nothing but excellence from Tina, from start to finish, informative, supportive and goes out of her way to help in anyway. I would definately recommend Tina's recruitment company to anyone.
Marcus Richards
Marcus Richards
Yina has been wonderful. Constantly keeping in touch, throughout the recruitment process.
Luke Weston
Luke Weston
Tina is the epitome of a person centered approach. From the first time we met remotely, to the point where she helped me get the perfect job for me. She was supportive, caring and empathetic. Thankyou, so so much Tina.
dale Brightman
dale Brightman
Tina was amazingly helpful and supportive during the process, nothing was too much trouble for her to help in what ever was asked of her.
Fiona Johnson
Fiona Johnson
I needed assistance with recruiting an operational manager for our Staybridge based legal service business. Like many in recent years we have found recruitment challenging and I wanted professional help. I contacted a couple of Manchester recruitment firms they did not even bother to call me back. I looked local, found Tina and spoke to her. She was very quickly visiting the office and established a very impressive understanding of what we do and the skills needed for the vacant role. She handled the search and the candidates we met were a match for our needs and we were able to recruit. Tina tells me that legal services is not usually her sector you would not know, she is very good at her job and has been a pleasure to work with taking the strain of recruitment away from us. We will use her again and I recommend you speak to her for help with your key vacancies.
Dom Anderson
Dom Anderson
Tina was so supportive and protective during the recruitment process. It was a true pleasure working with her, from start to finish Tina showed genuine support which helped so much as I was lacking in my own confidence. Tina has a true passion for the what she does and was always there to offer support at the end of the phone/ online. Can’t thank her enough and would definitely recommend.
Georgia Pullan
Georgia Pullan
From the moment I go my first phone call from Tina she was super supportive, helpful and caring. During my recruitment process she was always on hand and there to help with any need. I'm so thankful for all her help as she landed me a perfect job. Thankyou so much again Tina 🖤

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