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Regional Director

UK Wide / National
Working Preference

🚀 *Candidate Spotlight: Could Your Team Benefit from an Expert’s Touch?* 🚀

Calling all corporate visionaries! 🌟 Meet a standout leader from Watford, poised to catapult your business to the top. Imagine what your team could achieve with a director who’s scaled the professional ladder all the way to Regional Director with their sights on a new role that can include national travel from £70k+, with 1 months notice period.

📈 *From Ground-Up Success:* Starting as an Employment Consultant, our candidate is a testament to dedication, having evolved through roles like Team Leader, Business Manager, and Operations Head. With an impressive 10-year track record in training and employability, they bring a wealth of knowledge and unrivalled experience.

💼 *Strategic Command:* Imagine managing £11 million in contracts while hitting financial targets with precision, or steering operations across various sites with a masterful blend of efficiency and service excellence.

📊 *Financial Finesse:* Yearly PNLs? Monthly financial projections? All in a day’s work for our candidate, shaping their department with fiscal savvy and strategic forecasting.

🎯 *Performance Powerhouse:* Picture a team of 150, from Managers to Administrators to Recruitment Consultants, Apprentices, all driven by one influential leader. Performance metrics soaring and compliance in perfect alignment – that’s the norm under their guidance.

💡 *Innovative End-to-End Solutions:* Procuring and overseeing 14 government contracts, forging solid partnerships through SLAs, and refining claims processes? Our candidate doesn’t just adapt; they innovate, shaping systems to fit the unique needs of each and every contract.

🔗 * Bridge Builder:* Business development is a thrill ride for this leader as they don’t just court accounts, they create lasting relationships – expanding regional and national horizons.

🔑 *KPIs:* Daily and monthly KPIs don’t self-regulate. This dynamic individual sets, tracks, and balances them against regional directives and national goals, ensuring each cog in the wheel turns toward collective success.

🔎 *Attention, Hiring Managers!* If a director-level strategist proficient in navigating the complexities of contracts, operations, and financials sounds like your next power move, let’s connect!

This is a rare opportunity to infuse your leadership team with proven expertise. Could this Regional Director be the missing key to unlocking your company’s potential?

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To find out more about our exclusive candidate please contact us online, call us on either 0161 320 3793 / 07866625747 or email us directly via [email protected]

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