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Training and Compliance Manager / IQA

UK Wide / National
Working Preference

***Candidate Spotlight***

🌟 Are you on the lookout for a talented Training and Compliance Manager in South Wales? Meet our exceptional candidate eager to contribute their 16 years of experience in the skills and training sectors. Passionate about the development and training of individuals, this determined professional is seeking an IQA/Management role with a salary of £35k+, ideally in a remote/hybrid work setup with some regional travel.

📚 With a wealth of skills and responsibilities, our candidate has excelled in leading teams and overseeing apprenticeship departments. Managing funding, compliance, and contracts efficiently, they have been the driving force behind the success of IQA across various routes. From Elite Management to Essential Skills, this candidate ensures adherence to all awarding body requirements, EQA visits, and operational excellence.

💼 By spearheading standardisation meetings, team development sessions, and new apprentice recruitment initiatives, our candidate keeps the training department dynamic and goal-oriented. Their ability to encourage and mentor staff towards personal growth and target achievements sets them apart in the field. With a proactive approach to securing extra funding and enhancing the apprenticeship department, this candidate is a valuable asset poised for impactful contributions.

📞 To learn more about this standout IQA professional and explore how they can elevate your team, reach out via email or phone at 0161 320 3793 / 07866625747.

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To find out more about our exclusive candidate please contact us online, call us on either 0161 320 3793 / 07866625747 or email us directly via [email protected]

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